Raison d'etre

So I just got back from the Radical Unschooling weeklong blowout by the beach on Salt Spring Island in BC (thank you Craig & Gillian--you guys rock!) and the whole experience reinforced two of my longest held beliefs:

1. Unschoolers are the coolest people in the universe (with the possible exception of the inhabitants of RufusX in the Ig!ntz galaxy who truly know how to party like its 9,999,999,999)

2. There ought to be a permanent Unschooling Conference Center.

The purpose of this blogspot is to explore the possibility of creating #2 for #1, because after all, unschooling is all about manifesting reality out of dreams.

The Vision

In a nutshell, a permanent, fixed Unschooling Conference Center looks a lot like summer camp for adults, with everything parents might need to raise their children in freedom.

It might contain:

1. A large wooded tract of land with access to a pond/river/stream/lake, and not too far from a major airport.

2. A main conference center building

3. cabins and dormitory accommodations

4. a large communal kitchen, cafeteria, vegetable garden

5. an art barn with enough room to accommodate our creative passions, including, but not limited to: candle making, finger painting, tie-dye, mecha construction, pottery, welding, beer making, glass making (for the beer, of course, eh?), etc.

6. Gaming Center, Media Center, Library, Music Studio, Pirate Ninja dojo...

...and whatever else we imagine it ought to have.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Is there any interest out there for such a place?

Live there

Would you be interested in living there?


Could such a place be self-sustaining (I see several business models, what do you see?)?

What is the path

How do we get there?